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See The Space Everyone Is Talking About….


There’s a lot going on at your local coworking space… and you don’t want to miss it!

At General Provision, we provide an inspiring creative environment focused on Community, Craft, and Commerce.

Our coworking space is nestled in Ft. Lauderdale’s FATVillage arts district and is home to a diverse roster of Start-up Founders, Marketers, Designers, Developers, and professionals from industries you would never expect.

No matter your trade, we want to provide a space for you to learn, grow, work hard, and inspire others.

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Corporate Off-Site Meetings

Is your company looking for a refreshing, focused environment to get out of the office and explore strategic issues in-depth?

Corporate off-site meetings are meant to inspire meaningful, constructive conversations about the company’s direction and future. When done right, off-sites provide valuable strategic outlook and teambuilding.

Unfortunately, many off-sites do not produce meaningful interactions between company executives and staff. Often times, off-sites end up as nothing more than a retreat and a change of scenery…

General Provision FATVillage is a dedicated coworking space nestled in Fort Lauderdale’s artistic district. At General Provision, our focus is Craft, Community, and Commerce. Our space is the ideal surrounding for your next strategic off-site meeting.

We recognize the challenges an off-site designer faces and we do everything in our power to meet that challenge. From the unique aesthetic of our space to the comforting amenities and coffee, we have designed our space to accommodate and encourage strategic thinking, focus, and motivation.

If you are interested in learning more about our space or hosting your next corporate off-site meeting here, please contact us through the form below.

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Member Spotlight: Joyce Mealey

General Provision Coworking Member Joyce Mealey

Your network can be the most critical component of your professional life. Our careers are often defined by who we know, how we interact, and the ideas we are exposed to. Exposure to ideas is a direct benefit behind the massive growth of experimental work environments like coworking and coliving spaces.
Coworking spaces are all about fostering a community of agile, idea-heavy professionals. We like to keep in touch with our community before, during, and after their time in our space. Not only do our members make lifelong friends and a powerful network, they provide great case studies on the effects of coworking.
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FT. LAUDERDALE NETWORKING EVENT: General Provision Member Lunch


Each month, General Provision hosts a free lunch for our coworking members and other Fort Lauderdale professionals, including…


Start-up founders and entrepreneurs


Highly skilled developers and coders


Marketers, designers, real estate agents, and many more…

Professionals are emboldened by the people they know and the things they can achieve with their network. Join us at General Provision on the second Thursday of this month and get to know your professional community…

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“The goal isn’t just to provide some free food to our members. We want to create a simple, yet effective way to engage with our members, and have them engage with eachother, thus continuously building our community-focused environment”
Grant Stemler, Community Manager, General Provision

Is your work environment holding you back?

Discover “Why Smart Marketers Need To Be Coworking”


Find out why every major business news outlet is reporting on the effects of coworking, including…


Why 70% of coworkers report a noticeable increase in health and well-being


Why 71% of all coworkers get hired more often


Why 81% of coworkers enjoy a better work/life balance

We have referenced mountains of data from dozens of studies and surveys in this comprehensive free report. We’ve included all the helpful links you need to verify this information!

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“The data in this report is very interesting. Obviously, as a coworking space manager, I make sure that our members enjoy the coworking experience. What I didn’t understand was the coworking phenomenon happening across the globe… coworking is going to be everywhere next year!”
Grant Stemler, Community Manager, General Provision

Does your environment “stunt” your professional growth?


Is your office making it difficult to focus? Try us out for $5

For at-home and remote workers, productivity is always in jeopardy. Distractions pull you at every bathroom break. Off-topic conversations knock you off your train of thought. At the end of the day your to do list is still full…

Loss of productivity is the #1 problem for America’s remote and freelance workers.

That’s why coworking is the highest rated work environment by a huge margin. Cowork spaces provide start-ups, remote workers, solopreneurs, and freelancers with a collaborative workspace without the overhead of your own office. These spaces drive innovation, productivity, and priceless efficiency.

And the data is clear – cowork members report:

  • Better health (70%)
  • More happiness (78%)
  • Higher income (54%)
  • Higher productivity (68%)
  • Better relationships outside of work (91%)


General Provision is Fort Lauderdale’s fastest-growing community of entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and marketers. While an inspiring space matters – free local coffee, free craft beer and free massages from Zeel help, too – none of that makes us “unique”. The difference is in our community: you’ll find more productive days, more opportunities to learn, and you’ll find yourself better prepared for growth by sharing a workspace with like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs.

That’s why we are allowing a limited group of local Fort Lauderdale creatives to try the coworking experience for a full work week. 40 participants will get to experience the benefits of coworking at GP – an inspiring community, higher productivity, focused programs and events that lead to growth – for 5 inspired days.

We’re inviting you to try us out for a work week – for just $1 a day!

Click below to access your 5-day coworking experience at General Provision. This offer is limited to 40 participants.If we are unable to accommodate you, we’ll notify you as soon as we have availability in our space to offer again.