Member Spotlight: Joyce Mealey

General Provision Coworking Member Joyce Mealey

Your network can be the most critical component of your professional life. Our careers are often defined by who we know, how we interact, and the ideas we are exposed to. Exposure to ideas is a direct benefit behind the massive growth of experimental work environments like coworking and coliving spaces.
Coworking spaces are all about fostering a community of agile, idea-heavy professionals. We like to keep in touch with our community before, during, and after their time in our space. Not only do our members make lifelong friends and a powerful network, they provide great case studies on the effects of coworking.
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Who Is Endeavor?


When you hear the word “Endeavor”, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Some may say “journey” or “adventure”. And while those who say that are not wrong, we want to introduce you to an important partner to General Provision, and an integral piece to South Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Endeavor Miami. Continue reading