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The Space



The Commune

Open the door to your new computer desk, literally— these refurbished doors fold out of the wall and into portals of focus and deliberation. More commune space awaits towards the back of the space in the form of handbuilt tables and standing desks. Set up, spread out and get sucked into your workflow; our communal space allows for both deep concentration or open collaboration.

The Residency

Need a brick-and-mortar to produce your creative wares? Make our space your residence office. We have 8 desks, comprised of four work-stations. Move in, put your company logo on our concrete walls and our address on your business cards!

The Hideaway

Ascend not only the staircase but elevate your mind to transcend standards. Let each hanging bulb illuminate your brightest ideas and help you not only envision your goals but bring them to fruition. Alternatively, sneak into the booth seating for a more solitary set up; get cozy and let the concentration begin!

The Coffee Bar

Here, creativity coils around cups of freshly roasted coffee and casual conversation. Coast freely on our custom bicycle stools or stand up during informal meetings.

The War Room

Outfitted with top of the line armor– an HD projector, smart tv, conference table, and a video wall. Come to the battle prepare; stand confident and poised when presenting to a new client, hosting a conference, or making a proposal. Perhaps build a stronger army with team building games on our ping-pong table!

The Annex

A purpose built training room, this 30 seat meeting space was designed for educational seminars, or large meetings. This is our most private space, and is best utilized for those meetings that need the utmost confidentiality.

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Event Venue

Airports, empty hotel rooms, foreign cityscapes; paper napkins, sketchbooks, notepads, pens and pins–this is what prompted General Provision; this is where the minute details were given life.

Drawn from inspiration, our space is as enticing as it is versatile. A viable environment for anything ranging from a baby shower to a bachelorette party; a photoshoot to a company cocktail mixer. General Provision is a myriad of possibilities for seating and arrangement. Book your next event with us today!

The War Room or The Annex $75/hour
The Commune $150/hour
Full Venue $200/hour


General Provision supports local brands that are fervent in spirit and seek to develop a culture rich in community, craft and commerce.

We believe in you–the members of our community. We believe in the brands you created and the products you produced; the tears cried, sweat poured and sacrifices made. This is why we want to extend the opportunity to experiment in the commerce of your product to you.
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