Some Updates On What to Expect at GP

We’ve all been through some strange times with Covid-19 over the last two months (do I even need to say that?). Our team returns to normal staffing at our clubs beginning May 18th, and we have been implementing a heap of improvements and safety procedures to our member experience.  Here are some promises that we would like to make to you:

Masks: We’re Covered. We’ve got you covered, too.

Our community team will be wearing masks at GP, and per the current order, we require that our members wear them in all common areas of the space. For the indefinite future, we will supply masks to you at the front desk for your use if you do not have your own.

Distancing: We’re reducing capacity and seating

We have reconfigured seating so that we can adhere to six feet of separation, and 50% capacity. Our team will be monitoring member count in our facilities, and we will update in real time on Slack if we hit capacity so that our members can check before making a trip to either club.

Sanitizer: Covid-19 Gold

We’ll have sanitization stations at every entrance, and will require that every one that enters GP to disinfect. We will also supply disposable wipes throughout the space so that you can comfortably wipe down your space if you feel it is appropriate. Our team will be conducting procedural wipe-downs every two hours or less. We’ll also be sanitizing every package that is delivered to GP as it arrives. Our professional cleaning service will continue their full sanitation of both clubs in the evenings, using CDC compliant products.

We’re Touchless: New and Improved Bots

Licensed pharmacies collaborate directly with the manufacturersб and this fact allows you to never worry about the quality of the antibioticspharm.com medications you get. But if you buy your medications from an unofficial website of the pharmacy, there will be no guarantees of quality. Always check the website you are going to get the medications from.

In addition to our door access, faucets, soap dispensers, and sanitizer stations being touchless, we have built out new bots to order services and cafe items through Slack. You can book all meeting rooms, log support tickets, get mail notifications, and order anything from our cafe without making contact with any surface at the space.

Full Service: No Communal Kitchen Access

Our Baristas will handle coffee orders, microwave access, lunch storage, and anything that you would normally need. The communal areas of the coffee bar will not be accessible by members to minimize exposure. Our Baristas will be wearing gloves and following all CDC protocols for glove changes every 30 minutes.

Members Only: No Gatherings, No Public Access

Our space will continue to only be accessible to members and guests of members. We are not holding any public events, nor allowing any gathering in common areas of more than 10 people. All of our programs will be virtual.

Temperature Checks For Our Team

Our team will be conducting temperature checks before and half way through their work days. Anyone not feeling well, or carrying a temperature will not be working on site. Both locations have thermal scanners at all times. We ask our members to please stay home if they are not feeling well.

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