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We get it. Every dollar matters, especially when you’re building your dream.


We want to provide every founder, maker, and creator in Fort Lauderdale with a home to connect, grow, and build.  To do that, we’ve launched our Community membership for $100 per month, offering all of the club perks of General Provision when a daily workspace is not needed. We like to think of GP as a gym for founders and makers–You have a gym membership for physical health, but are you investing in something to accelerate your creative and professional health? Here’s how to join GP, and come out way ahead at the end of the month:


1. Skip Starbucks, and fuel up in our member-only coffee shop instead.


Come to the club for FREE unlimited Well’s Coffee (yes, really!), and never think about the lifetime value of your coffee habit again. Espresso, Lattes, and a magical menu of specialty coffee drinks await you, all presented by our skilled, member-dedicated Baristas.


Value: $25 to $125 per month (we might have a problem). 



2. Grab a FREE Member lunch, and break bread with your people.


We feed our members all the time, but mark your calendars for the 2nd Thursday of every month, as we hand pick Fort Lauderdale’s best local restaurants for an epic meal together. Collaborate and cut a deal with a fellow club member, and the ROI is a lot more than a full belly.

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Value: $20 for lunch plus Next Month’s Revenue in Deal Flow



3. Work out some tension with a FREE massage.


The third Wednesday of every month is your time to cash in on our member massage time from local miracle workers, Flexation Body Work and Massage. I am not sure how much you typically pay your masseuse, but I know that you will not be paying ours a single dollar. It’s included in your membership for FREE.


Value: $75 per hour



4. Pitch your dream client from a meeting room.


We know that you have that big opportunity around the corner, and we know that you are a little nervous about how you are going to pull this presentation off from a busy coffee shop. Come to one of our club locations, our community team will treat your client like royalty, and you can focus on planning your next vacation from the windfall.


Value: What’s the value of a first impression?



5. Find Your Co-Founder at happy hour.


Did we mention that we have FREE craft beer on tap? We also schedule regular happy hours to make sure that you can mingle with some pretty amazing humans. Invite a guest, or have a beer by yourself. We’re not judging, and you’re not paying.


Value: $35 to $85 per bar tab



6. Get your flow on with a FREE Yoga Session.


We know that to do your best work you have to take care of your body and mind. We have a monthly wellness program, and have invited Lululemon and other local yoga stars to lead member-only flows on the last Friday of every month–no charge to our members.


Value: $30 per class



7. Ask a best selling author an honest question.


We’ve held over 250 events in our club since our launch, and we work hard to bring thought-leading events exclusively to our members. Best selling authors, entrepreneurs that have scaled global brands, politicians, and local heroes have all told their stories to our community. Don’t miss our monthly events if you are going to squeeze all of the value out of your club membership.


Value: Once in a lifetime encounter



Did we mention that you can show up to hunker down and get some work done at either one of our club locations? You will not find an office with more soul and authenticity than GP. If you are seeing the light, and are ready to walk in the door, click below to join as a Commuter for $100 per month.

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