July Art Walk “Beautiful Makers” Recap

IMG_0745The seemingly easy task of setting a date and time for the curation of an event can become tedious when dealing with some of GP’s favorite people; artists and creatives. Envision, everyone checking the time on their individual drooping Dali clock. It was two art walks ago; standing in the middle of our space, an artist frantically finishing her piece as the event started – pallets of paint scattered and paint brushes strewn in her hair. One could see deep concern on the face of General Provision’s coordinator, but guests entered oblivious of the chaos and fascinated by the artist in her element. Inspired by this instance, it was decided that GP would showcase artists practicing their craft live: “Beautiful Makers”.

Don’t Rain on GP’s Parade

In spite of the downpour of rain, energy levels were soaring; the bar fully stocked by Cocktails for Humanity, (volunteer) bartenders muddled fresh Moscow Mules and the DJ spun classics! The storm passed over and Fort Lauderdale’s finest rejoiced in celebration of art, food, music, good vibes— and great causes!


Featured Artists: Kelcie McQuaid, Christopher Ian MacFarlane, Samantha McInnis, Felicia Fish, Paul, Sara Morgana, Paul Caprio

Coding/Light Robotics by: Nodebots

General Provision thanks all of those who attended and helped raise money to support local nonprofit HANDY. GP loves it’s volunteers, artists, and community!


Are you an artist? Are you a craftsman? Do you have a non-profit that could benefit from Cocktails for Humanity? Join us during an Art Walk event!