We sit down with Founder of Locality Bank IO, Keith Costello and COO/CTO Corey LeBlanc.

Ever wonder how to start a bank in 2021? Fort Lauderdale’s banking veteran Keith Costello and co-founder Corey LeBlanc believe that it should be a tech company, and not a storefront. This is the story of digital bank startup, Locality Bank IO. After successfully exiting from Seacoast Banking Corp,  Keith began his vision for a digital community bank and partnered with technologist Corey LeBlanc to bring the company to life. These two pioneers share their knowledge and background in the banking industry, Locality Bank IO’s digital-first concept and their goal of “empowering SMBs to maximize their potential” through the modernized bank experience. Have a listen in this month’s Maker’s Journal Podcast, EP2.

You can also listen on Spotify.

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