General Provision’s bar is lined with custom stools inspired by them, our entrance is scattered with them on any given day, and our member just launched a company that gives local tours on them: Bicycles! In light of all this serendipity, it seemed fortuitous that we recognized National Bike Month with a proper celebration during May’s FATvillage Art Walk.


A ‘Call to Artists’ quickly circulated through the biking and artistic community; with help from

our media sponsors—PureHoneyMagazine and MiamiArtScene—our inbox was flooded with mission statements and samples of bicycle-inspired artwork. General Provision member and co-founder of Bumble Bee Bike Tours Laurie Menekou contacted her most worthy charity and produced a vending license for the night. Meanwhile member, freelance writer, and food critic, Eric Barton joined the effort by concocting Deep Eddy Vodka infusions for a selection of specialty cocktails; pineapples were sliced, jalapenos chopped, and honey poured! Resident Artists Felicia Fish and Christopher Ian MacFarlane combined forces to create a seven foot robotic installation. Beyond those specific creations, bicycles were rolled in, holes were drilled into concrete, artwork was hung, paint splattered and in typical (for us), yet thrilling synchronous relation, Sun Sentinel caught buzz of the event !


As Saturday night quickly approached artwork and people were lit by the low eliminating Edison bulbs which made them pop distinctly from the black walls of GP. Artist MacFarlane quipped on the reason he likes doing this is “[to] see the childlike smiles brought to people’s faces when they press the buttons and the installation comes to life.” People savored their “Yellowjackets” and “Bumblebee” cocktails while meandering through and enjoying the myriad exhibits.


This Art Walk perfectly exemplifies how a community can help make a scene flourish. Donated

time, diligent hard work, the collaboration of our members in synergy with the surrounding community made this multifaceted extravaganza—a free show for the public—possible. And the coup de grâce: we heightened brand awareness for local establishments and artists while raising a generous sum of money for Jack & Jill’s Children’s Center.


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