FullSizeRender-2The second Thursday of every month General Provision hosts a member event. Yes– as mentioned in our 5 Tips to Coworking, bonding over food is something that we encourage! While our members are emerging leaders in their respective industries– which often leads to a busy schedule– we’ve found that everyone must stop to refuel.

A surprise visit from Mindy Seegal Abovitz, Publisher and Editor of Tom Tom Magazine, a rad magazine about female drummers lead to the obvious turn in lunch topic conversation: music. While it may have been a cheap guess the Mindy was a drummer we all took turns guessing eachother’s instrument of choice! Some were more of a surprise than others…




Tim Hasse,  Owner of TRIM Agency  Bassoonist
Barbara, Designer, Bass player in a core-metal band
Brian Jacobs, Owner of DB Collective , 2nd chair Violinist
Steev Rullman, Publisher of PureHoney Magzine,  Pianist
Jacqui Jeanis, Community Coordinator,  Flautist









IMG_9592 IMG_9590


On the menu:

Gran Forno local bakery, selection of Paninis
One Kombucha, Tripple-Berry and Apple Spice Kombucha
What topics will you bring to the lunch table?


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