Building a startup focused on biometric security? Meet our newest Commune Member, Miguel!


Miguel, you are one of our newest Commune Members! Tell us a little bit about the kind of work you are doing at General Provision.

I’m starting a new company called BeSign. It’s a biometric signature software, successfully deployed to 60+ companies in Europe and Latin America. BeSign is the spin-off of the Spanish-based company (Serban), to start selling the product in the US.


General Provision is my flexible office, the place to work and concentrate. What I usually do at GP entails preparing presentations, attending conference calls, and researching events to meet potential partners / clients / investors for BeSign.


What’s the most challenging part about your work?

The challenge is to get exposure for my company, especially being new to Florida, I just moved in 1 month ago! Trying to reach investors or potential clients is my goal and main struggle now. My solution is B2B, so it’s really hard to get to know the decision-makers at my target businesses (banks, insurance companies, real estate, etc…).


And the most rewarding part?

The most rewarding part is the journey. All the networking and the opportunity to meet people from many different backgrounds. I’m enjoying that and I can feel my personal and professional growth through talking, pitching, getting rejections, advice,… I keep learning every day!


What is one area you are trying to grow in right now?

Sales. The product is stable, used for 7+ years in big companies, and ready to be sold in the US. Growth is a consequence of sales / investment: the team. It’s only me in the US right now, and I need to build a strong team for the success and growth of the company.


Any productivity tips or secrets you are willing to share?

I’d like to learn some! 🙂  Well, my only tip would be to keep focusing on what you need next and forget about further milestones. Just focus on the first step, big or small. And of course, go and co-work at General Provision!


What do you wish more people knew about you?

Probably my experience. I’ve been working in environments as diverse as Spain, the UK and US (1 year in San Antonio, TX, and now Florida). Not that I could summarize in a blog post, but somehow I try to onboard all those experiences, and I’d like to share them over a cup of coffee.


What’s your take on the coworking infrastructure? And more specifically General Provision?

I found General Provision precisely because I signed up for a co-working space in San Antonio (Texas), called Geekdom. It was just 3 weeks, for my gap between companies. The experience was fantastic. The best part was being a member of a community, with some of the other members in your same situation (like starting a new company).


General Provision offers that idea of being part of a community. The staff is really helpful and it’s a great environment to work, concentrate, and network. Also, the events can give you the opportunity to network and get some valuable contacts.


When you aren’t working hard at GP, where might we find you?

Spending time with my family: my wife, Diana, and my 2 kids (David, 5 and Daniela, 4) keep me really busy outside Fat Village!


If you’d like to get in touch with Miguel and hear more about his work, reach out to us at [email protected] and we will connect you two!
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