Event Rentals

Host Your Event at GP — No Membership Required!

General Provision is Fort Lauderdale’s largest community of founders, makers, and creatives. Our inspiring Clubhouses can be booked On-Demand for meetings, content shoots, podcast recordings, team off-sites, holiday parties, and other private events of all sizes. With two locations set amid two buzzing neighborhoods in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, we would love to be your host; We offer in-house catering through The Palm Cafe, and legendary hospitality from our GP community team. Trusted by these amazing companies and many more…

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Book an Office By the Hour

Our common area members often share with us when they have a big workday they rather stay home than work at GP. We want to be THE club for your every day, so you can also count on us for those big days when you need deep focus or have an important Zoom meeting. We hear you, and we’re now offering a private office of your own entirely on-demand with no contract necessary for those days that you need to get things done.

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Phase 1 At General Provision

Some Updates On What to Expect at GP

We’ve all been through some strange times with Covid-19 over the last two months (do I even need to say that?). Our team returns to normal staffing at our clubs beginning May 18th, and we have been implementing a heap of improvements and safety procedures to our member experience.  Here are some promises that we would like to make to you: Continue reading

Swag Shop

LauderMade Official, Varsity Gold

Heavyweight cotton, Regular fit, 100% LauderMade. Pickup at Downtown Clubhouse.

Price: $20. In-Stock

LauderMade Official, OG Black

Heavyweight cotton, Regular fit, 100% LauderMade. Pickup at Downtown Clubhouse.

Price: $20. In-Stock

GP x Champion: LauderMade Official

A timeless sweatshirt by Champion. Their reverse weave sweat has been in production for 90 years, and now you can pick up yours with the battle-cry of our city’s creative class.

Price: $35. Out of Stock

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The State of AI: FREE EVENT

About This Event

Today, tech startups and corporate giants alike are experimenting with artificial intelligence. We know it’s coming, but where are we in the advent of AI and how soon will it weave into our daily lives—or has it already?

Overview:From applications in AI across industries to major ethical debates, the panel will discuss the state of artificial intelligence and how it’s evolved.

What You’ll Take Away: Attendees will learn about major trends in artificial intelligence and take away key use cases to look out for in the coming years.

Why It Matters: Your job–and all aspects of your life– will be impacted greatly by artificial intelligence in the very near future. Learn how to harness the power of AI to make it work to your benefit.

Light refreshments & food will be provided at this event.