Wanted: Maker in Residence





Are you a motivated creative looking to for your next adventure? Do you want your own studio space? Would you like to work with a client that wants to make art and content to elevate their brand, yet supports your desire to push the boundaries of your craft? We hope that’s us.


In exchange for working together, you’ll get your very own private studio space at General Provision at no charge, plus a monthly stipend to be our first official Maker in Residence. Yes, you can take on other clients–you will be promoted within our community for other opportunities if interested. Yes, we will pay for all of your materials. Yes, your work will be used both in our marketing and within our spaces. Yes, we will establish a clear scope and commitment before we begin together.


We’re prioritizing partnerships with talented makers in the following fields:

  1. Videography/Film
  2. Motion Graphics
  3. Graphic Design/ illustration/Visual Design
  4. Environmental Design


Do you dabble in a lot of things that we didn’t mention? Fancy yourself as a generalist? We’re open to it. Just send us a body of work to review, and we can begin a conversation. We’re open to partnering with anyone that can help us tell our story to the world. Fill the form out, and we will be reaching out to you.


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Cocktails for Humanity featured in Sun Sentinel

On September 29th, Cocktails for Humanity, a member driven pop-up bar for a good cause at General Provision, partnered with the Broward Public Library Foundation for the third year in a row. Over 400 guests were able to enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages and raised a total of $4,000! All proceeds went to programs like Books ‘N’ Bears which helps out disadvantaged preschool children during the holidays. We love seeing our community get some exposure, so here is the Sun Sentinel’s article covering the event.

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GP Featured in National Geographic!

General Provision made National Geographic as one of the best places to visit while in Fort Lauderdale that goes above and beyond the typical spring break destinations. Putting the popular beautiful beaches on the sidelines, they highlight amazing places to check out. Whether you’re into historic sites, the late night bar scene, or just people watching, this article gives you wonderful recommendations for things to do in Fort Lauderdale, and we’re thrilled to have made the cut.


General Provision’s “sleek” and “saloon-inspired” space for co-working was featured in their list as a great place to stop by in the four blocks of FATVillage. Make sure to check us out in their article “Discover the Best of Fort Lauderdale“!

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GP x Prism: Featured Culture Crusaders

Prism Creative Group’s Culture Crusaders headed to Fort Lauderdale to explore the city’s most fascinating small businesses and created a list of the best places to eat, drink, and hang out.


General Provision was featured in this article as the first and “arguably [the] coolest” co-working space in the Fort Lauderdale. As we welcomed our friends from the 305, they were able to take a look at our incredible atmosphere along with our private and public collaboration spaces.


We, here at General Provision, would like to give a big thank you to Prism for stopping by and checking out our space during their trip around the Fort Lauderdale area! Check us out under “A Burgeoning Arts District” and “Hangs & Things to Do” at

Culture Crusaders: Fort Lauderdale