GP Featured in National Geographic!

General Provision made National Geographic as one of the best places to visit while in Fort Lauderdale that goes above and beyond the typical spring break destinations. Putting the popular beautiful beaches on the sidelines, they highlight amazing places to check out. Whether you’re into historic sites, the late night bar scene, or just people watching, this article gives you wonderful recommendations for things to do in Fort Lauderdale, and we’re thrilled to have made the cut.


General Provision’s “sleek” and “saloon-inspired” space for co-working was featured in their list as a great place to stop by in the four blocks of FATVillage. Make sure to check us out in their article “Discover the Best of Fort Lauderdale“!

GP x Prism: Featured Culture Crusaders

Prism Creative Group’s Culture Crusaders headed to Fort Lauderdale to explore the city’s most fascinating small businesses and created a list of the best places to eat, drink, and hang out.


General Provision was featured in this article as the first and “arguably [the] coolest” co-working space in the Fort Lauderdale. As we welcomed our friends from the 305, they were able to take a look at our incredible atmosphere along with our private and public collaboration spaces.


We, here at General Provision, would like to give a big thank you to Prism for stopping by and checking out our space during their trip around the Fort Lauderdale area! Check us out under “A Burgeoning Arts District” and “Hangs & Things to Do” at

Culture Crusaders: Fort Lauderdale

Coding Courses Added to Membership Offering

It’s been our mission at General Provision to build a tech ecosystem right here in our city of Fort Lauderdale. Accessing technical talent and filling technical jobs is a critical part of building an innovation economy, so GP worked to establish Broward County’s first independent coding academy at our coworking space in 2015. Since then, we have watched nearly 100 new software developers change their lives by learning how to code. Broward County continues to lead Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties in open tech jobs, and we are excited to announce that we are now fully integrating an on-demand coding curriculum as a part of our Membership offering .

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Civic Hack Recap

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Savannah, Georgia may be geographically located in the southeastern United States, but you’ll rarely see the aforementioned cities in the same sentence. This past weekend, on the other hand, designers, technologists, and community members at three separate events taking place simultaneously teamed up to “hack” on Hurricane Resilience and Response projects. The following is a brief recap of what took place at General Provision, and you can find a full regional recap here.
In Fort Lauderdale, a timeline was used to come to a shared definition of the key priorities for storm preparation and post-storm follow up. Many conversations circled around procuring supplies and materials, as well as keeping informed of news updates and road closures. Connectivity and integrity of data also posed unique challenges which, as many agreed, would not be solved overnight. For many, outlining the process together allows for consensus to form and inspiration to take hold.


Brainstorming Session in Hour 1


A passionate team of developers lead by Kyle Pierce created OurSight, which leverages Foursquare’s API and Google’s Firebase to serve as a platform for resource availability tracking with SMS updates. “What if we could crowdsource a number of resources a specific location has?” Kyle explains on his blog, “People who are at a single location can let others know ‘this Publix has a lot of water’ or ‘this Home Depot is out of plywood’.” OurSight’s code is available on GitHub, contribute!

This year’s National Day of Civic Hacking was marked by devastating storms and divisive politics, but if this past #HackforChange event has shown us anything, it’s that given that right information, timeline, and support, talented members of our community are not only ready to step up and collaborate to solve problems, but they very well may be the most important experimental force we have in our toolkit. If cities are now the new “laboratories of democracy,” then citizen experimenters and civic hackers are the new “founding fathers and mothers.”


Written by: Rob Davis | @robdotd