South Florida Tech is Accelerating Rapidly: What It Means For You

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Fort Lauderdale and Miami are rapidly increasing their tech footprints as South Florida is quickly becoming an epicenter of tech growth.


If you are a resident of South Florida, specifically the tri-county area, you live in one of the fastest growing tech sectors in the United States. According to a recent article by the Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale and Miami respectively rank 2 & 4 on CBRE’s list of tech talent momentum markets. This list is used to measure the change and growth in tech jobs.


It is the more recent growth in the local pool of tech talent that is responsible Fort Lauderdale’s and Miami’s high ranking in tech momentum. CBRE found that from 2013-14, Miami’s talent pool only grew 3.7% while Fort Lauderdale’s pool actually dropped 2.1%. In the most recent findings (2015-16) both MIA and FTL have increased their talent pools by over 20%. This massive increase lends itself to the growth of major market entries who are rapidly recruiting and employing tech personnel, including the Plantation, FL headquartered Magic Leap (VR).


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So what does all of this mean? With both tech employment and remote work up in an already eccentric market for startup companies, there is a demand for office space. If the trend continues upward, coworking will become the new norm of the work infrastructure before we know it. Coworking, harboring an ecosystem of ideas, interaction, and innovation, will continue growing its footprint in South Florida.


Specifically for General Provision, this is very promising news. Our dedication to cultivating the startup community eagerly awaits the arrival of new talent in tech, as well as the startup entrepreneurs seeking that tech talent. As a tech incubator, we seek to play a role in innovative start-ups that foster the growth of our local tech community. This growth represents a significant step forward in our mission to create and celebrate start-up success here at GP.


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