GP is The Club For The Anti-Office crowd.

What’s a club for work? To us, it’s the path to remote work nirvana. As remote work vets (since 2010), we’ve been to the edges of remote work isolation, we’ve experienced the inspiration of being a digital nomad, and we’ve reached the limits of what local coffee shops can offer. Birthed from this journey, we’ve created a solution that is uniquely GP’s Work Club.

Our club is a powerful community of humans, a digital platform for wellness and growth, and since every club needs a clubhouse, we’ve built vibey spaces to gather, create, and learn. GP is a one-of-a-kind intersection of hospitality, innovation, and productivity, and we’re the fastest-growing community of Remote Workers in the country.

“Joining General Provision is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and glad to be a small part of it here in Fat Village…I love GP.” 

Will Figueroa, Founder, Purple Circle

Humans. IRL.

Break the isolation. As a club member, you’re never alone when you’re working remotely. Stay inspired and meet new industry pros in either of our two clubhouses. And don’t worry, there are plenty of quiet nooks around the space if you need to focus. Our city’s largest creative class community is at GP.

Rhythm for Remote Work.

We’ve built the tools to power your Mind and Body in this remote lifestyle. Leverage our weekly cadence and find your rhythm with our events made for creative professionals like you. We provide breathwork, yoga, massage, coffee breaks, and more to improve your wellness wherever your work is happening. Win prizes for participating live or on-demand with our app.

Made to Create

More than a coffee shop, more than an office, our clubhouses are a creative campus with amenities to produce your best work. We offer content studios, podcast booths, meeting rooms, private workstations, and even a theater space — all available for you to get creating.

Fueling Your Brain

Our member-only coffee bar serves unlimited Wells Coffee and Craft Beer as well as a full menu of cognitive-enhancing specialty elixirs and tonics. We’re Fort Lauderdale’s first brain bar(!!), and you can count on us to not only fuel you up, but we’ll serve you right at your workstation so you don’t miss a beat when you’re in the thought zone.

Members Grow Here. Members collab here.

2,100 members since our launch! 78% of our members have hired one another and 85% grew their business by 40% in their first year at GP. Our members are building real companies, launching real products, and landing real clients. We believe in community, and our member’s success is the true indicator of this.

“I made my career here.”

“It’s a vibe.”

“This is where you need to be.”

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