We are hiring a Community Manager here at General Provision to be the face and the voice of our collaborative community. The Community Manager’s job is to manage the health and creativity of our space first, and second, contribute to the growth and well-being of our community.

Keeping GP Healthy
You’re responsible for making sure GP is a clean and happy place to be. We have an operations book for the day-to-day checklist of clean up tasks and supply needs, and whether it’s making sure that these tasks are handled by our ambassadors, cleaning crew, or handling by yourself, it is your responsibility to manage this aspect of our space.

You are the steward of coworking culture at GP. This means that you must set an example for coworking behavior, and you must also rectify activity that is disruptive to our working environment and/or culture. You are the first responder to the needs of the space–both at the facility level and personal requests from our members or guests.


Keeping GP Creative
Our Community Manager is the face of our community: We rely on you to be the point of contact at GP for all members, guests, vendors, event coordination, and scheduling. You are also the voice of the community: You will be posting events to our internal tools, and communicating special announcements to our members.

You play a vital role in new business in the form of membership and venue rentals, as well as new partnerships in the form of vendors, artists, and service providers. Identifying, fostering, and finalizing these opportunities are a major part of this role.

You are the primary coordinator for Art Walk and events at GP. Working along side the Trim strategy team, we will plan and execute many events throughout the calendar year that will require both creativity and focused coordination. Once planned, the Community Manager must take ownership of these events to see them through, as well as facilitating and managing the calendar for events happening within our space.

Lastly, the Community Manager must invest energy in building relationships with our members so that they can identify opportunities within our community. An intrinsic value to joining GP is the opportunity to meet and work with the people that can meet specific needs of others. Understanding the skill sets and the skills needed by our members is the job of the Community Manager.


Key Attributes of the Community Manager:
Highly Organized
Self-Starter with High Reliability
Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills
Fearless with Technology (Google Apps and Email a must, but we use many others)
Capable Manager of Time and People
Loves Process


Know someone who would be a great Community Manager? Send a CV and Cover Letter to [email protected]


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