anchor collective band
Join us Saturday, March 26th @ 6 P.M for a night of craft and community as FATVillage hosts its monthly artwalk exhibit located in the art and tech district of Fort Lauderdale.


General Provision is proud to host the local sound that is, The Anchor Collective. The Anchor Collective is handmade, South Florida-woven, Indie Spiritual Folk Rock. Originating in 2014, the band has whittled into a music-driven art project– layered guitars, driving rhythms and intricate harmonies accentuated with singalong hooks and washy ambience. The melodies are earthy. The instrumentation is intentional, unkempt, spirit-lifting.


Be sure to listen to the sounds of The Anchor Collective before their live performance!



Cocktails for Humanity will be serving cocktails for a good cause from our bar. All proceeds will go towards this month’s featured non-profit, FLITE: an organization geared towards providing youths that have cycled out of the foster care system with practical life skills. As these youths begin making the transition into adults, the FLITE Center provides support to ensure that that they are productively building their lives and contributing to their community.



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