Max Levine Spotlight

Here at GP, we are home to a diverse group of people in the professional world. Get to know our newest Resident Member, Max, and hear about how he has a foot in multiple companies!


You are GP’s newest Resident Member. Can you tell us what kind of work you are doing each day?

I’m the CEO of BeeperMD, a patient notification company. We call and text patients to remind them about upcoming medical appointments. A lot of companies do this, but we do two things that no one else does. First, if physicians are running late, we tell patients when to show up. And when a patient cancels, we find another patient to take the canceled appointment. We create happier patients, more revenue for docs, and office staff more focused on providing excellent care.  

Is it true that you run more than just one company?

A few, yes. I also run a car wash in SWFL (Rocket Shine Car Wash), and I’m trying to expand that to three washes. So if you hear me yelling about damage claims, drunk customers, Turtle Wax, or a busted high-pressure gun, fear not. These do not relate to that upcoming appointment with your gastroenterologist.

What motivated you to take an idea and turn it into a product offering?

Sarcasm. Three friends of mine co-founded BeeperMD but let it languish while they pursued another start-up. I kept making fun of their other company, telling them that BeeperMD was the better idea. Eventually, they lashed out and challenged me to run it.


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What’s the most challenging part about running multiple companies? 

This one’s not a surprise: time management. Making sure that the immediate doesn’t distract from the important. This gets exponentially harder when you run small businesses in which customer service and quality control play outsized roles.

And the most rewarding part?

For me, the work is the reward. I enjoy tackling new problems, helping my people hone their tools, and finding better ways to do things. Also: when car wash customers adamantly, angrily blame damage on us, I like showing them video footage of their cars rolling up to the wash with the damage already there. That’s really fun, too.

What do you wish more people knew about you?  

Nothing.  But… about BeeperMD: if you get me an appointment with a private medical office (we offer a free three-month trial of our app, zero contract), I’ll pay you $100 cash. Talk to me.

What’s your take on the coworking infrastructure? And more specifically General Provision?

I love being exposed to other tech co’s and start-ups in South Florida, where community can be hard to come by. The people and events at General Provision have already been a lot of fun and very helpful. And the vibe during the day is just right: focused but relaxed. I’ve been to a few co-working locations and GP is an absolute stand-out, particularly in Broward.

When you aren’t working hard at GP, where might we find you? 

With my family (wife and three kids), or on Alligator Alley — I commute 140 miles each way for my other job.

Click here to get in contact with Max and learn more about his company!

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