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General Provision is proud to announce that two of our very own, Tom Bessis and Charles Fournier, are officially launching OWLMO: an online platform that enables social influencers to interact with their audience through 1-on-1 video consultations.


GP takes great pride in playing a role in the incubation of the startup teams that build their products from our space. OWLMO will be the latest startup based out of General Provision to see the light on its launch date, March 28th.


OWLMO is a unique online platform that enables social influencers (Bloggers, Youtubers, Coaches, Instagrammers, etc.) to interact with their audience through 1-on-1 video consultations in exchange for a pre-determined sum of money. The Internet has created a pool of subject matter experts (coaches, content creators) and OWLMO’s mission is to help them interact with all who are eager to connect.


Co-founder Charles Fournier described the vision as follows: “Every individual has intellectual capital gathered through life’s experiences and observations. Why don’t we use that knowledge to connect?”  Tom Bessis, second Co-founder of the two-person French native team based in Fort Lauderdale added, “OWLMO is a gateway to connect and learn, interact and share”.


Be sure to click below to follow the OWLMO journey as these two entrepreneurs attempt to bring knowledge at the forefront of the sharing economy!

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