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We’re a vibrant community of founders, makers, and creatives. We want you to be a part of it.

General Provision is a private club where Fort Lauderdale’s most inspiring humans come to gather, connect, and build. Our “anything-but-basic” locations have all of the physical provisions of a modern workspace,  but exist as a safe place for our creative and founder community to learn, grow, and accelerate. Our members receive unlimited Well’s coffee in our private coffee shop, free massages, free meals, free beer on tap, free yoga sessions, and access to member-only events.

Seeking a work space with soul? There is no place like GP, and our club has two locations in our city’s most exciting neighborhoods: FAT Village and the Downtown Riverwalk District, both of which are home to a roster of Start-up Founders, Marketers, Designers, Creatives, Technologists, and Digital Nomads. Club membership gets you access to both locations, so you can drop in wherever you see fit. Join and access the club for occasional use, or build your HQ in our dedicated offices for full-time teams. 

Book a tour at one of our spaces with the form below. We can’t wait to meet you.

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    Join our club from anywhere you get work done, and access our powerful community while we provide expertly planned virtual events, a full wellness program, and a monthly box of essentials delivered to your doorstep. 

    What’s in a Monthly Membership?

    We provide everything below for one low monthly price. No long term commitment.

    Monthly Coffee

    We’ll keep you stocked with a monthly mail drop of goodies! The most important being a supply of freshly roasted Wells Coffees. 

    Weekly Wellness

    Guided Meditation by industry experts, Yoga class led by a certified instructor, Diet and Wellness challenges. All provided weekly, virtually. 

    Monthly Lunch

    Included in your membership is an Uber Eats gift card and an invite to our Member Only lunch once per month. 

    Thought Leading Events

    We’ve partnered with global leaders like General Assembly, Techstars, StartUp Grind, and Endeavor to bring incredible virtual events to you.

    Slack Community

    Member only community to connect with nearly 500 other inspiring humans. 

    Party in a Bottle

    A rotating cocktail mixer gets sent out along with scheduled Virtual Happy Hour opportunities for your team to relax after office hours. 

    Content Portal

    Member only video and content vault holding all of our content for on-demand learning. 

    Skill Up

    Match with a Mentor in one of our Accelerator programs, or take advantage of your 50% discount on any General Assembly Bootcamp or Workshop. 

    All of this for $100/month. Sign Up below!

    The largest community of founders, makers, and creatives in South Florida, GP is a powerful network of impactful humans building real companies, leveraging our inspiring work spaces to accelerate growth, and harnessing our powerful digital platform for on-demand learning and conversations.

    What’s included?

    Escape the home office and access two inspiring work spaces any time you need them

    Private Coffee Shop with Dedicated Barista

    FREE Unlimited Wells Coffee

    Powerful community of incredible humans

    Weekly live yoga, meditation, and wellness program

    Thought Leading Virtual Events

    On-Demand Content Portal

    Meeting Rooms, Podcast Booths, Photo Studios available on demand

    Access Two inspiring locations available 24/7

    Located in the epicenter of Fort Lauderdale’s business district, our Downtown Work Club is a historic hotel reimagined into a modern workspace. This location offers meeting space, hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices for teams up to 16, and a theatre that seats 100.

    Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s Art and Tech district, GP FATVillage is an industrial-inspired work club that is home to Fort Lauderdale’s creative class. This location offers meeting space, hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices for teams up to 8.

    Memberships start at $100/month. Get your first month FREE below

    First Month FREE When You Join Today

    GP is Your Escape For Work.

    Don’t overthink and just try us out for FREE. Say goodbye to the monotony of working from home and hello to community, productivity, and creativity. We’re around the corner, so what’s there to think about.

    300 SW 1ST AVE, #155

    525 NW 1ST AVE


    Join the club for $100 per month. Visit Any clubhouse, Get All of the Perks.

    What are you waiting for? Claim your First Month FREE below:

    Phase 1 At General Provision

    Some Updates On What to Expect at GP

    We’ve all been through some strange times with Covid-19 over the last two months (do I even need to say that?). Our team returns to normal staffing at our clubs beginning May 18th, and we have been implementing a heap of improvements and safety procedures to our member experience.  Here are some promises that we would like to make to you: Continue reading

    Swag Shop

    LauderMade Official, Varsity Gold

    Heavyweight cotton, Regular fit, 100% LauderMade. Pickup at Downtown Clubhouse.

    Price: $20. In-Stock

    LauderMade Official, OG Black

    Heavyweight cotton, Regular fit, 100% LauderMade. Pickup at Downtown Clubhouse.

    Price: $20. In-Stock

    GP x Champion: LauderMade Official

    A timeless sweatshirt by Champion. Their reverse weave sweat has been in production for 90 years, and now you can pick up yours with the battle-cry of our city’s creative class.

    Price: $35. Out of Stock

    Continue reading

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    We’re Fort Lauderdale’s largest community of founders, makers, and creatives. We want you to be a part of it.


    Book a Free Day Pass at one of our spaces with the form below. We can’t wait to meet you.


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      The State of AI: FREE EVENT

      About This Event

      Today, tech startups and corporate giants alike are experimenting with artificial intelligence. We know it’s coming, but where are we in the advent of AI and how soon will it weave into our daily lives—or has it already?

      Overview:From applications in AI across industries to major ethical debates, the panel will discuss the state of artificial intelligence and how it’s evolved.

      What You’ll Take Away: Attendees will learn about major trends in artificial intelligence and take away key use cases to look out for in the coming years.

      Why It Matters: Your job–and all aspects of your life– will be impacted greatly by artificial intelligence in the very near future. Learn how to harness the power of AI to make it work to your benefit.

      Light refreshments & food will be provided at this event.

      GP Announces General Assembly Partnership

      General Provision, Fort Lauderdale’s largest community of Founders, Makers, and Creators, is proud to announce a new partnership with General Assembly, a global pioneer in education and career transformation. General Provision has been named as the Fort Lauderdale home to General Assembly, and will host events, workshops, and classes to be available to GP members at exclusive discounts as General Assembly introduces it’s full curriculum to Fort Lauderdale at large. Continue reading